Nora Fueten, candidate for Brant

Nora Fueten

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Nora Clemons Fueten was born in Brantford, educated at Brantford Collegiate Institute and attended university in Toronto and Calgary. She became active in the opera world, as a coach and accompanist, both in Toronto and for five years with the celebrated Dusseldorf opera company in Germany, where her ability to organize and motivate was rewarded with an administrative post in addition to her musical work. In Dusseldorf she became friends with singers from around the world, learning to appreciate all their cultures and outlooks. She also admired the German political system of proportional representation, a reform that’s overdue in Canada.

Nora and her husband Horst returned to Canada and raised two daughters while taking up a new career as sheep farmers – learning first-hand about the challenges of agriculture. Later Nora returned to school to pursue a Master’s of Divinity degree. She served as a minister in The United Church of Canada for over 14 years until her early retirement in 2002. Community involvement during this time included serving on the chaplaincy committee of the Brantford General Hospital, on the poverty issues committee of the Social Planning Council, and on the Parents’ Council at King George School. She was part of planning to build a Neighbourhood Association, one result of which was a weekly neighbourhood lunch serving up to 130 pupils. She has also served on the boards of local historical societies.

Nora brings a very wide range of skills and experience to the Green Party of Canada. Her deep involvement in the Brant community, her personal engagement with community issues, and her commitment to sustainable values and effective presentation style will make her an excellent Member of Parliament.

Nora Fueton is the Green Party of Canada’s nominated candidate for Brant.